Who were you influenced by to link to your current scientific topic?

I was influenced in my carreer as an Orthodontist by many great teachers to whom I am deeply grateful.Dr.Thomas Pitts and Dr. David Sarver have been my greatest influencers in my latest years.Dr.Thomas Pitts has been my mentor since 2007 and i can say that much of what I do today, in my practice, is based on his knowledge and forward thinking.

Nowadays orthodontics enjoys extreme popularity. How do you look at the significance of this specialty?

I find that Orthodontics as a speciality today is of extreme importance in the Dental Profession.Patients are seeking excellence and esthetics and are more aware of themselves and their options due to social media and the internet. The art of creating beautiful smiles with extraordinay esthetics is and will allways be in high demand.In an interdisciplinary point of view i think the Orthodontist has the role of an”orquestrator” of the smile who can guide multiple specialists into creating an outstanding outcome for the patients. Also we must keep in mind that orthodontists have a higher and ever growing demand from adult patients, as our lifespan has significantly increased.

What are the aspects You consider when deciding about necessary and possible treatment options?

I consider first of all the patients needs and expectations.Secondly I consider all the possibilities of a superior esthetic outcome, based on soft-tissue diagnosis, tooth proportionality and of course the 4th dimension wich is time.In other words i prepare a treatment plan that will also consider the effects of ageing. Of course good function and occlusion are always part of any treatment plan.

Nowadays more and more emphasys is put on smile esthetics in orthodontics too. Do you think that achieving ideal occlusion – with proper esthetic outcome – requires a „team-work”?

That is true.As I said esthetics is now the name of the game!All patients come to us looking for esthetics even if they have any other symptoms they will never forfeit the esthetics.As we have more and more adult patients,i thimk interdisciplinary team work is
very important.I especially work with prosthodontists, periodontologists and oral surgeons.

Do you count on speech therapists for the treatment of certain cases (e.g. reverse swallow)?

In cases of reverse swallow I do not find the need anymore. I always close the bite first, widen both arches so the tongue comes to a higher posture and then use the Kondo gum exercise that makes the patients spread the tongue overa bigger palate and is very effective.Dr.Thomas Pitts and Dr.Sabrina Huang taught me this exercise and told me about a great book by Dr.Kondo called ” Muscle Wins”.I advise all Orthodontists to buy this book.

Are you acquainted with the „Hasund treatment system”? If yes, what is your opinion about it?

Yes i am.I know about the linear regression wich was used to construct a harmony box which contained cephalometric floating norms of the five correlated variables . The Harmony box is divided into three zones according to the ANB angle. The Segner-Hasund method takes in account the standard baseline for different ethnicities so that the cephalometric analisys performed is for a certain ethnical population and not based on caucasions (wich happens with the wide majority of the analisys ́s that are used). Personally i do not use hard tissue analysis as i said before.I prefer to guide my treatment planning on soft tissue based evaluation and treatment planning.

How do you look at the future of orthodontics?

The future of Orthodontics in my vision is gaining skills to perform high quality orthodontic treatments, efficiently and with extraordinary esthetic results meeting the patients needs.Digital planning in Orthodontics is a reality now and must be mastered.Also as any professional, the contemporary orthodontist must be involved in life long learning.For example a new thing that i have just specialized in is facial Harmonization using bio modulators and fillers.I think it ́s such an extraordinary complementation of Orthodontic treatment.

What do you pursue for relaxation or recreation in your free time?

Ha!Ha!Good question! What free time?Between my office,consulting, lecturing, attending congresses worldwide and learning i have very little free time.I think practicing Orthodontics is my recreation!Besides that i love Pilates,yoga,cooking, stand-up paddle,reading,watching movies and most of all spending time with my family and friends!