Tell us briefly please the main stages of your professional career and scientific work.

I have focused on esthetic dentistry since 20 years ago. And then I started to work in the field of dental implantology along with the digital work flow in esthetic dentistry and implantology.

In what field did you start your scientific work? Who were you motivated by?

I started my scientific work in the field of veneers about 20 years ago. I was strongly motivated by one of the pioneers for veneer restoration in China, Prof. Fan Cong

Your publications stand in a very illustrious place in international scientific literature, and they provide substantial information for some new methods or possible solutions. Currently in what subject are you conducting your research?

Recently, I have put many efforts on research related to 3D printing equipments andmaterials.

Esthetic dentists offer and can provide self-confidence, joy, and even hope for their patients. What do You consider to be the most important factor from these?

I would say the persistent pursuit for esthetics and great dedication to the work of an esthetic dentist are the most important factors. I believe these could inspire the patients with hope and desire for beautiful things in life.

We have encountered with the viewpoint that all things considered every well-trained dentist is an esthetic dentist too. Do you think that basic training is sufficient for highly esthetic and functionally stable solutions?

Aside from basic trainings for a dentist, I believe an esthetic dentist requires well structured esthetic training and sufficient knowledge in esthetics. It would be even better for an esthetic dentist to have strong enthusiasm for a hobby related to esthetics.

Nowadays esthetic dentistry has become increasingly popular. How do you consider the significance of this field of dentistry?

I think esthetic dentistry could help the patient to achieve a better smile, along with a more attractive characteristics and a better life. Meanwhile, esthetic dentistry brings supreme satisfaction to the practitioner for achieving a professional work of high quality and also a good income.

How can you imagine the future of dentistry in the next 10-15 years?

In my opinion, implantology, digital work flow and esthetic dentistry will be the leading fields in dentistry for the next 10 years. From then on, artificial intelligence and regenerative dentistry may become the hotspots in dental practice and research.

What do you pursue for relaxation or recreation in your free time?

I enjoy reading, writing, and travelling all over the China and all over the world in my free time.