Two days postgraduate education in endodontics.

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2 DAY long workshop by Dr. Viraj Vora and Dr. Dale Jung
Date: 7-8 October (Wednesday, Thursday), from 09:30 to 17:30
The course provides 16 credit points.

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Two days postgraduate education in endodontics.

1. Understand how a high-level clinician thinks.
2. Management of complex endodontic cases.
3. Learn how to manage an endodontic practice.

Day 1, theoretical part:
epidemiology, cognitive bias, heuristics, endodontic outcomes, decision

Day 2, practical part:
case presentations, rethinking endodontic access, clinical workflow, referral
and patient management.

Recommended by Dr. Gergely Benyőcs.

“ I’m delighted to present these two amazing and highly respected clinicians, amazing colleagues and dedicated professionals to you. Not only, they had tremendous influence on my entire career, but I could always count on them as true mentors. By excelling in endodontics, they acted as role models to me. They influence the way we shall think, analyze and evaluate cases and made their fingerprint on the whole decision making process within our profession. They showed me real patient centered approach, orientation to details, by not solely focusing blindly on the white lines itself, but always going behind the case. We can all learn from them and listen to how they shape the future of endodontics. I recommend this course for endodontists, postgraduate endodontic residents and for those who are intrested in learning the highest level of endodontics.“