Minimally Invasive Partial and Full Crown Preparation (SOLD OUT)


Hand’s-on course by Dr. Paul Gerlóczy
14 October, 09.30 – 17.30

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Course Outline
Advances in dental materials have necessitated changes in preparation techniques for partial and full crown coverage. These changes allow for a reduction in the amount of tooth preparation up to one quarter of the amount needed for PFM or PFZ crowns. Such minimally invasive techniques require increased precision and skills on the part of the operator. This hands-on course will elaborate, in both lecture and practice, on the following:
- Best materials for reduced preparation indirect restorations
- Advantages of digital workflow

- What are the limits of tooth reduction for ceramic materials?
- Preparation techniques and forms for minimally invasive partial and full crowns
- Bur selection
- Using depth cutters and templates to guide preparation
- Tooth preparation with sonic instrumentation
- Adhesive and conventional cementation techniques

Instructor will demonstrate all preparation and cementation techniques on various teeth done under microscope high magnification and projected for the participants. All participants will prepare at least 2 teeth on typodonts simulating the clinical situation.