Espresso Anterior


Hand’s-On Course by Dr. Jordi Manauta
10.00 – 12.00, Saturday, 14 October, 2023.

Simplification is the ultimate sophistication. In order to get perfect anterior composites, especially when veneering, we have came across hundreds of tips and tricks to solve the everyday dentistry in an easy way, without giving up any of the best quality. In this workshop, we will review the modeling steps as a smart way to save time and increase the quality of the composite material, and digging into the elementals of shape and gloss which is one of the most powerful tools for a perfect restoration. This course has as main goal to let the practitioner learn useful techniques to apply immediately after the course in their everyday dentistry to boost the quality of their work, especially regarding function and aesthetics but always in a simple way.

– Become extremely effective in color matching
– Stratification of composite resins
– Model fast and beautiful restorations
– Dominate surface and morphology
– Learn how adhesive dentistry can last very long


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