Bio-Bulkfill in Practice – Treatment of Deep and Complicated Caries without Root Canal Treatment


Hand’s-On Course by Dr. Michal Ganowicz
14.15 – 16.15, Saturday, 14 October, 2023.

A patient comes to your surgery with a painful upper sixth tooth. The tooth is sensitive to sweet and cold, and the patient complains that food is getting into the cavity in the tooth. You take an x-ray and see deep decay reaching down to the pulp. How do you treat such a case? Are you worried that a root canal will be necessary? But perhaps you would consider using glass ionomer cement or zinc oxide with eugenol? Or are you concerned about pulp exposure and is there a chance of preserving the vitality of the tooth?

If you would like to learn and practice on phantoms an effective way of dealing with such cases, I invite you to my workshop where you will learn the Bio-Bulkfill method. You will see how to effectively treat deep caries and pulpitis without root canal treatment. You will see how easy it can be to work with bioactive cements. You will also practice filling a cavity with the simplest, readily available instruments and composite materials, while respecting the aesthetics and anatomy. See how easy it is to treat teeth with deep caries. And most important of all, you will learn an effective method of extending the life of the teeth of your patients. I know from experience that your patients will thank you.


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