How can you arrange to work as a dentist on a daily basis and to hold trainings regularly?

First: I have support – my family! ) secondly: it is easier to do what you truly love.

What is your opinion about long-term temporary rehabilitation with the help of veneers?

It works! I use the principle of biomimetics, where ceramics is identical to tooth enamel. Consider, we restore nature.

Direct veneer – versus ceramic veneer. When to use them?

I use dyrect veneers, in the case of:
a) long-term diagnosis
c) closing the sensitive areas of the tooth
c) with total rehabilitation
d) in the presence of a financial situation of the patient

In other cases, it is ceramic veneers.

What is your opinion about „biofunctional” dentistry? (Integrity of esthetics – function –body posture in restorative dentistry)

Our body is a single whole, everything in it is interconnected. We actively cooperate with doctors of other disciplines and osteopaths. We have a separate course for doctors that helps to understand the basic principles of biofunction.

Since when do You use microscope for your everyday work?

I began to use the microscope on a constant reception 2.5 years ago. It’s hard for you to explain to the management of the clinics what it needs. I had to buy it at my own expense).

What differences should the dental assistant be prepared to if microscope assisted treatment enters the scene?

Many : knowledge of the protocol of work on special and basic principles of ergonomics. That coherence of actions gives qualitative medicine to people