8-9-10 OCTOBER, 2020 – BUDAPEST

Live Dental Show

Also in 2020, the Live Dental Show will be one of the highlight of the Dental World. In the glass walled „operating theatre” various doctors are going to conduct a public treatment of the patients. In addition to the routine surgical techniques, new techniques are going to be presented as well, from the repertoire of implantology, aesthetics, and endodontics.

O.D.A Congress - Poster Section

For the first time this year, the ODA Congress lecture series will be held, with a special focus on presenting the winning entries in the poster section. Visitors can attend on exciting lectures such as aesthetics, endodontics, implantology, oral surgery, laser, and digital dentistry. The topics of the presentations are going to be related to the topics of the conference.

Demo Stage

The most popular Demo Stage venues will be placed on the avenue of the exhibition. On 2 stages we organize presentations about new practical treatments and other various programs in the following topics:

• Endodontics & Aesthetics
• Laser Dentistry
• Dental Technology & Oral Scanners
• Digital Dentistry

Dentist / Dental Technician Student Competition

The participants of the medical competition will come from four
dental universities in the country. The institutions select 3-3
candidates based on their internal competitions and these students
will test their skills later on at Dental World. Each competitor is a
fifth year university student and their win prize will include also a
trip to Leuven, the headquarter of GC. For the „winners competition”
the following dental technician students will be invited: the winners
of the prosthetic competition, the bests of the national modeling
competition, and the winners of the ceramic competition which was
organised by the Industry Council itself. It is a great challenge for the
12 Hungarian students to demonstrate their skills and vocation in
front of the whole industry at the Dental World.

The Open Dental Academy program is FREE for all visitors.