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This year, in October 2020, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Dental World. That’s why we’ve come up with plenty of novelties and a fundamentally renewed conference and exhibition.

COVID-19 has been modified in this plan, so we decided to consider all tickets in 2020 as “All Access” tickets. That is, participants in dental congresses can enter any congress. This discount also applies to previously purchased tickets.

The hands-on courses are available with separate tickets.

DWXX Congresses

We look forward to the 2020 dental congresses with exciting presentations

We have been bringing the best in the profession every year for twenty years so that we can learn from them. This year, due to the epidemic, we reorganized the lectures and look forward to two conference rooms with aesthetics, implantology, orthodontics, endodontics and digital dentistry.


Dr. Volom András and
Dr. Gombos Ádám

Digital dentistry

Dr. Nagy Zsolt


Dr. Borbély Péter


Dr. Németh Zsolt and
Dr. Sidó Levente


Dr. Benyőcs Gergely

2020 going digital

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we introduced digital tickets and contactless entry already this year. Contactless payment is available in the exhibition area. Some of the presentations will be held with Zoom, Skype and Google Meet technologies where the speaker cannot be physically present. You will soon be able to download the new Dental World App to access everything and log in.

Is it safe?

The Dental World Conference and Exhibition can be held safely with due regard for regulations and recommendations.

It is important to us that not only are our guests safe, but they also feel safe. We are organizing this year’s event based on the relevant regulations, the regulations of HUNGEXPO, the recommendations of MARESZ and the recommendations of highly qualified professionals working in dentistry.

Situation analysis by dental professionals

Supervisors Dr. András Volom, Dr. Levente Sidó, Dr. Péter Borbély, Dr. Ádám Gombos and Dr. Zsolt Nagy analyze the possibility of keeping Dental World 2020 safe in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic.

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All Access for everyone!

In the year 2020, all dental congress tickets are valid for all dental congress presentations, so you can enter each dental congress for 3 days with a single “All Access” ticket.

Make your visit full – hands-on courses available in aesthetics, implantology, endodontics, orthodontics, digital dentistry topics. Add your favourite to your basket and learn from the bests!

Dental World 2020 Speakers

Speakers on the topics of implantology, aesthetics, endodontics, orthodontics, digital dentistry in 2020

The full list of speakers and a short summary of the presentations will be published soon and can be downloaded in PDF.


New challenges in aesthetic dentistry. What to expect?

Dr. Volom András


The Complete Single Practitioner

Dr. Bodrogi Attila


Detailed Anatomy of a Vertical preparation.

Dr. Marco Maiolino


Single-tooth replacement in the esthetic area: How to achieve an ideal
result; Indications for the use of connective tissue graft.

Dr. Francesco Amato


Title of the presentation

Dr. Windisch Péter


Minimally invasive maximal predictability

Dr. Gadi Schneider


How to make simple and effective the adhesive restorations in posterior region: the bio-emulation approach. 

Dr. Gianfranco Politano


Restore vs. Rehabilitate – The 4D Revolution.

Dr. Riaz Yar

Digital dentistry

Digital Smile Design

Dr. Borbély Judit

Digital dentistry

Full Arch Rehabilitation with Immediate Loading  –  How to be predictable and repeatable with GM Implantes

Dr. Pedro Rodriguez


Where ChairSide CAD-CAM changed the way of treatment

Dr. Petry Hajny

digital dentistry

DISCOLORED TEETH: The combination of bleaching with direct and indirect adhesive treatments

Dr. Roberto Turrini


The paradigm shift for endodontic instruments kinematics:
from the continuous rotation to the automatic gear control of “Jenì”.

Dr. Eugenio Pedulla


The blue alloy in modern endodontics

Dr. Enrico Cassai


Challenges in cleaning root canal systems: problems and solutions

Dr. Hani Ounsi


Endodontic retreatment – Aspects of decision making and clinical outcome

Dr. Thomas Kvist


Endodontic treatment or implant: maintaining the periradicular bone.

Prof. Dr. Fernando Goldberg


The Significance of Cone Beam Computed Tomography on Clinical Decision Making and Outcome

Dr. Marc Semper


What can Orthodontist do to improve the aesthetics  of our orthodontic patients?

Dr. Enver Yetkiner


The interdisciplinary treatment: key factors for the esthetic and functional success

Dr. Paolo Manzo


Esthetics driven orthodontic treatment with the Pitts protocols

Dr. Csiki Péter


Journey to the apex of the root

Dr. Benyőcs Gergely


Complex pain and infection cases in a contemporary endodontic office. What should I know? How should I treat?

Dr. Jorge Vera


Is all a matter of perspective?

Dr. Oscar von Stetten


The Science of Root Canal Irrigation: From the Basic to the Latest Technology

Dr. David Jaramillo


Insignia A to Z: Customised and Consistent Precision Orthodontics

Dr. David Birnie



Frequently asked questions and answers

We have collected the most frequently asked questions recently and the answers that can be given to them. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Will it happen?

Under the current regulation, Dental World congresses and exhibitions can be held. The restriction applies to music-dance events, so we’ll skip the Friday night music-dance party we’ve had in previous years this year.

Can I come from abroad?

The rules applicable to those arriving from abroad are constantly communicated by the Operational Staff, and the current provision is always available on the website.

Will there be international speakers?

Yes, they will. Speakers from green-rated countries can arrive without hindrance. For restricted countries, they are expected to give their presentation online.

Do I have to wear a mask ?

Mask wearing is recommended in the community areas, but not mandatory. It is a basic rule that only attend the event in a healthy condition. A temperature check is performed at the entrance.

What if I can't come?

The rules of the GTC apply to this, which you can read by clicking here.

How can I enter?

You can enter the entire territory of Dental World with a unique (QR) ID, which you will find in the application downloaded to your mobile phone.

Conference booklet

Download the digital program booklet presenting the program of the 2020 conference, in which you will find a short summary of the lectures in addition to the speakers.

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Exhibition map

Download the map of the 2020 dental exhibition, which shows which dental brands, manufacturers and service providers are waiting for you with new products this year as well.

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