1. What gives you the biggest joy in your daily work?
– The passion to produce excellence in my work for the benefit of my patients and their health.

2. What will dentistry’s future look like in the next 10-15 years?
– It will be fantastic, full of innovations and new technologies, it will be a future of better quality of care and better mouth health for patients.

3. Can you summarize the benefits of the use of microscope?
– I believe first of all that there are no benefits to working without and that it is not acceptable to do so. Current demands for quality and precision cannot be prosecuted with the naked eye.

4. Dottore Signorini, you and your colleagues will come to Budapest in October and will provide several hands-on courses, and everything is done in a name of Microscopic Dental Club. It seems that you revived the good old Italian tradition, where art schools, led by senior masters, were competing each other in a most friendly and fair way to show their best skills and publicly share their knowledge. This competition had an excellent effect on developing art and sciences, is that your aim also this days?– Wooooowww what a wonderful thought! First of all, the Microscopic dental club is an international association that works to change dentistry all over the world and we believe that this should start from the universities. We are not in competition with anyone because we believe in the truth of what we are able to see.

5. The Microscopic Dental Club runs a vivid social media platform and the founders personally travel around the world in order to share their experiences. Explain us your motivation, what persuasion gives you the energy to carry out this enormous task, to fulfil this ambitious program?
– We work every day closed within four walls for ten, twelve hours a day. We love our work and we love taking care of our patients. We can show them everything we do to them and explain to them in real time the reasons of what we do for a real transparency and correctness. Why not share this concept with the whole world of dentistry?

6. What is your favourite recreational activity? 

– To spend time with my family.