Generally, everybody, who starts an oral surgeon career, can recall the moment or an experience, which has been decisive, which has led to a professional orientation. That moment can be a dramatic experience with a patient …but more often a charismatic senior lecturer. Who is your mentor or the person who has the biggest influence on your career?

My mentor is Prof. Stefan Lundgren from the Umea University, Sweden who taught me the graftless sinus augmentation technique

Just returning to decisive moments, the professional orientation you have chosen, automatically leads to difficult treatments, with problematic status and special patient demands. So, what was the most problematic situation of being faced with, describe us, your most challenging case.

The most challenging case we have encountered is the one of a 74-year-old woman with atrophic maxilla on antiresorptive drugs who was desperate for a fixed restoration to improve her quality of life. We were able to do this difficult case by using computer-guided surgery and pre-fabricated definitive prosthesis . 

It does seem that You are not afraid of solving difficult situations. What type of cases do you most enjoy working on?

The new scientific results and the latest technical developments allow us to offer wider and wider range of solutions for edentulous patients, and they are very keen to have fixed replacements. So, we mostly enjoy working on full-mouth rehabilitation using computer-guided surgery.  

That means dramatic positive changes in the daily life of the patient, but the treatment itself can be demanding and exhausting as well. How would you describe your approach to working with new patients?

Patient care is our outmost priority and empathy is key to deliver the best quality of care. We try to listen to my new patients to understand their expectations and possible fears, and we put strong emphasize on informing the patients about the options of the treatment, the proceedings and the duration.

As a dental surgeon, who is so eager to fully restore original function and aesthetics of the mouth for edentulous people, what do You wish for, what do you see as being the next big advances in Implantology

Minimally invasive procedures will be, in our opinion, the next big thing in Implantology, in order to simplify the procedures to minimize treatment and healing duration and ordeal for the patients.  

Thank You for Your meaningful thoughts, and finally please tell us the three most important word describes your work philosophy.

Ethics, precision, innovation.