Dental World
Free programmes 2022

13-14-15 October 2022, Budapest


11.00-12.30 Dr. László Vojth: Transgingival implantation with immediate load implants, depending on bone quality, based on preliminary CBCT images
13.00-13.30: Dr. Nóra Tasnádi: Porcelain composite hybrid veneer bonding
14.00-15.00 Dr. Marianna Tálos: Guided periodontal regeneration with sticky bone
15.30-16.30: Dr. Marianna Tálos, Dr. Róbert Gyuris: Possibilities of biologically active bone substitutes with BMG, 3D printed titanium plate

10.30-12.00 Dr. Zsolt Nagy, Lóránt Stumpf: Digital functional registration with Modjaw system. Digital waxup preparation. 3D printing and mockup application.
12.30-14.00 Dr. Kristóf Orbán: Navigated implantation just in case!
14.30-15.45 Dr. Gábor Barthos: Immediate loadable SGS implant placement with in situ fabricated temporary prosthesis
16.00-17.00 Dr. Gergely Becker Bérdi: Implant placement with Osstem/HiOssen Denture 4U surgical cassette

10.00-11.00 Dr. Andrea Tonon, Dr. Angelo Cardarelli:
 OSSEODENSIFICATION during the sinus lift procedure
11.00-12.00 Dr. Andrea Tonon, Dr. Angelo Cardarelli: Piezosurgical treatment of impacted teeth
13.00-13.30 Dr. Ildikó Takács: NightLase® – laser snoring treatment
14.00-16.00 Dr. Gábor Benedek: Dynamically navigated implant placement with the X-Guide system



10.15-10.45 Dr. Miklós Hátsághi-Horváth: Smokeless tobacco products for the oral cavity prevention of oral mucosal lesions?! Are we following the English example?11.00-11.45 Lívia Szűcs: Gradia PLUS single-material system
12.00-12.45 Antonello Croce, Tibor Bálint Barta: “Smile Design” and “Denture Guide” software presentation
13.00-13.45 Dr. Máté Tóth-Gáspár: Laser treatment in dentistry, presentation of ADPT treatment
15.00-15.45 Szilárd Domonkos: Tips and tricks with Medit scanner
16.00-16.45 Lívia Szűcs: Presentation of Optiglaze color + Cerasmast 270
16.45–17.15 Dr. Katalin Jakabfi, Örkény Zováthi: Cephalometric analysis with Ceph Assistant software

09.30-10.00 Antonio Grieco: Shining 3D Digital Workflow: scan, design and print in orthodontics
10.00-10.40 Gergely Kristóf Barta:
 Composite veneering on a traditional metal frame with PPM Trasformer materials, tools and light stove
10.45-11.20 Lívia Szűcs: Presentation of Gradia Plus
11.30-12.00 Dr. Zoltán Nyárády: Minimally invasive surgical technique
12.00-12.45 Gergely Modor: 3shape Trios mouth scanner options made simple (Dental Trade)
13.00-13.45 Dr. Tóth Gáspár Máté: Laser treatment in dentistry, presentation of APDT treatment
14.00-14.45 János Kónya, Lajos Bozsányi: Creative and innovative solutions in dentistry with case studies
15.00-15.30 Szilárd Domonkos: Tips and tricks with Medit scanner
15.45-16.15 Dr. Zoltán Nyárády: Minimal invasive implant
16.30-17.00 Lívia Szűcs: Presentation of Optiglaze color + Cerasmast 270
17.00-17.30 Antonello Croce, Tibor Bálint Barta: Presentation of “Smile Design” and “Denture Guide” software

10.30-11.00 Antonio Grieco: Shining 3D intraoral scanner: Aoralscan 3 live demo
11.00-11.30 Dr. Zoltán Nyárády:
 Minimally invasive surgical technique
11.45-12.30 Szilárd Domonkos: Tips and tricks with Medit scanner
12.45-13.15 Dr. Zoltán Nyárády: Minimally invasive implants
13.30-14.15 Dr. Tóth Gáspár Máté: Laser treatment in dentistry, APDT treatment
14.30-15.15 Antonello Croce, Tibor Bálint Barta: Presentation of “Smile Design” and “Denture Guide” software
15.30-16.15 Antonio Grieco:  Shining 3D Digital workflow on implant based restoration


12.30–13.30 Friss Tamás, Horváth Géza, Kluka Attila, Máté Zoltán: Business management, taxation, awareness

12.30–13.30 Dr. Gáspár Lajos, dr. Huszák András, dr. Lászlófy Csaba: Legal cases, compensation claims

12.30–13.30 Dr. Jurácsik Tímea, dr. Radánovics-Nagy Dániel, Polgár Nikolett, Mrázik Bernadett: Component of the practice: what is a good assistant?


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