When did you decide to turn towards a distinct field of specialty in the enormous knowledge base of dentistry?

I decided to make my specialisation in 2005, when I had the opportunity to enter in the University Pos-Grade program on Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry.

Did you think it kind of a „predestination” for You to opt for esthetic dentistry?

I think yes, Because I always liked the topic when I was student. Actually I never was happy during the first years after my Graduation, until I had the opportunity to change everything and take the risk to make what I really like on dentistry

Who were you influenced by to link to your current scientific topic?

At that time for two persons: Prof. Jorge Perdigão and Prof. Sillas Duarte Jr.

Do You keep in touch with your former university teachers to contact either professionally or as a fellowship sincet university years?

Yes. I finished my graduation 21 years ago and I work in the University as a teacher since 17 years ago. Now I’m the coordinator and director of the International Post- Graduation Program in Minimal Invasive Aesthetic Dentistry in the same University.

Perfection or naturalism, how to build up our esthetic principles?

Naturalism for sure. I don’t believe in a fake smile and standard smiles. Every people have their own identity and the dental aesthetic should follow that main roule!

What is your opinion about „biofunctional” dentistry? (Integrity of esthetics – function – body posture in restorative dentistry)

Always in aesthetic dentistry we have to care also about the function. But nowadays there’s the Aesthetic outcome that guide the function. Because we can not propose a perfect functional functional treatment for a patient in he/she didn’t like the final aesthetic result. I believe that the final outcome will be always a average balance between the two factors.

How do you look at the future view of esthetic dentistry?

Aesthetic Dentistry is always a area with faster and huge improvements, due to the development of new materials and thecniques and also because of the digital dentistry.

What do you think to be the greatest improvement in technological innovations? (CAD /CAM, 3D printing, laser procedures, oral scanner, digital planning, CBCT, etc.)

We never know what will be the next big step in the digital dentistry. With the development of the artificial intelligence on dentistry we can have more applications in our daily life. For sure the present and the future will be around digital.