Optimal Tooth Preparation with Different Tooth Reduction Guides: Case Presentation

Optimal tooth reduction is a key requirement for esthetics, function, and longevity of fixed restorations, especially metal-ceramic and all-ceramic restorations.1 Adequate tooth preparation can provide uniform reduction and sufficient clearance to allow the necessary thickness of the final restoration without disturbing the periodontal health, esthetics, and structural integrity.2 The ability to re-treat the restored teeth [...]

Injectable Flowable Composite Veneers as Prototypes for Ceramic Veneers

Communication between patient, clinician, and dental technician is fundamental for success in the art of dentistry.1 Esthetic dentistry is currently in high demand by patients, and veneers have become the ideal treatment for many situations. Ceramic veneer restorations have proved to fulfill high esthetic demands and offer an acceptable longevity.2 Freehand composite veneer restorations are [...]

New Sensations with Latest Implant Generations Allowing High Performance Strategies in Oral Implantology

Introduction There have been many changes in our therapeutic attitude since the Swedish school published its works concerning osseointegrated implants in 1985 [1]. Some of us, as practitioners, understood the revolution that was brought about by this new implant concept; others preferred to “wait and see” ... [2]. I personally was happy to be “at [...]

Patient-specific labial fixed appliances: a step towards personalised orthodontic care?

Abstract Personalised medicine integrates decision making, intervention and products to an individual patient based on their risk of disease or response to treatment. Fully customised labial fixed appliances are a step towards personalised orthodontics and provide a tool to optimise orthodontic outcome in relation to skeletal anatomy, facial aesthetics and occlusion. Introduction Computer technology has [...]

Panavia V5 ragasztócement

Egy cement valamennyi indikációra biztos végeredménnyel. Ez a PANAVIA V5! A PANAVIA V5 a valaha volt legerősebb műgyanta alapú, fluorid leadó, színstabil ragasztócement, és az 5 színének (Universal A2, Opaque, White, Transparens, A4 Brown) köszönhetően a legesztétikusabb is! A Try-In paszták segítenek a megfelelő szín kiválasztásában. Használata három egyszerű lépésből áll. A fog kezelése az [...]

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