Dr. Alfredo Iandolo, from the wonderful Napoli, please introduce yourself with a few worlds, tell us the most important stages of carriere.

I’m from a beautiful city called Avellino, I studied at Naples university, Federico II and gratuated in 2006 with my thesis was on Endodontic micro-surgery. From the years 2014-2017 I worked as adjunct professor in the same university. I’m an active member of Italian society of Endodontics (SIE). Certified member of Euorpean society of Endodontology(ESE). Founder of Endodontic group 3D Cleaning Project. Gold member of Microscopic dental Club. Winner of Riitano Award in the International congress of SIE year 2016, Rome, Italy. National and international speaker. I have multiple publications. Inventor of IG files (Iandolo gauging files the first apical gauging files) Invetor of new protocols in irrigation.


Can you tell us what made you choose endodontics, as a field of  your main professional interest, was it an influence of a person or just a call of a genuine curiosity?

It was an influnce of one of my dear professors prof Mariano Malvano who passed away a month ago. I attended his course when I was just a second year student and fell in love with Endodontics ever since. I like how each case is a different challange, how can you explore difficult complex anatomy while visualizing (Thanks to magnification) what you can and anticipate what you can’t see.


The choice of the disciplne is just the first step, which is followed by many more little deceisons, what to learn, how to improve. What seems to be the best way for the continuous self education, please share your thoughts about this.

I always think outside the box, beyond the familiar and always think ’what if?’ . My phylosophy in endodontics is how to utilize simple available equipments to achieve better results than what expensive devices and systems offer.


3D cleaning- that phrase has multiple meanings in Iandolo universe. Method and movement, it seems, an invitation to show your talent. What does it mean to you, and when did this extended interpretation started to shape?

3D cleaning is not a new term. It has been used for obturation for long time. But my theory is in order to have 3D obturation you have first to do 3D cleaning of all the complex root canal system. It’s impossible to 3D shape the complex endodontic space so with our group and mission is an eye opener on the complexity of the root canal system and to promote for irrigant activation. So 3D Cleaning means Irrigant Activation.


Who gets you excited with new publication, who do you follow , learn from nowadays?

My head is always full with new ideas, I’m lucky to have an amazing team who believe in my ideas and help me invistigate and publish them. My team are enthusiastic endodontists who are both Italians and from around the world. Basically we share the same concept of the 3D thinking.


More and more dental exibition and congress advertises itself, sometimes the list is confusing. What are your considerations when you put together your preference list?

I prefere to choose the endodontics oriented first not the general dentistry ones and when invited I would like to feel that my effort and wasted time to be there are both appreciated.


What is your favorite recreational activity?

I like to explore new places preferably historical or nature beauty places in the weekend with my wife and friends. We like to explore new restaurants and cities and have a walk after. But to be honest most of my recreational time is spent in my clinic exploring new anatomy or experiencing new ideas, that’s what I like the most (and this makes my wife very nervous).