Dental World Conference 2022

October 13-14-15. 2022, Budapest

It’s Dental World 2022!

For more than two decades now, the leading players in dentistry have been meeting in Budapest to gain knowledge, experience and expertise. Congress participants and international experts from nearly 50 countries from all over the world, with a special focus on the Central-Eastern European countries, will be able to attend 12 congresses. The presence of more than 300 dental manufacturers will guarantee first-hand experience of all the innovations that will be seen in dental practices in the years to come. The live surgeries, demos, workshops and practical training sessions will provide visitors with knowledge that can be applied immediately. The social events will help participants to get to know not only Budapest but also each other better.

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Keynote Speakers

Every year, the best dental professionals from Europe, America and Asia come to share their knowledge with congress participants. That much knowledge would require travelling hundreds of thousands of kilometres in almost 3 years! In 2022, you can get the knowledge in 3 days in one place: Budapest. 

Our chairmen are renowned dentists who have been inviting the world’s best speakers to Budapest for years. The list of speakers for 2022 is already in progress, with confirmed names continuously published. Stay tuned! Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know!

Dr. Volom András

Dr. Ádám Gombos, Dr. András Volom


Dr. Gergely Benyőcs


Dr. Péter Borbély


Dr. Zsolt Németh, Dr. Levente Sidó


Dr. Zsolt Nagy

Digital Dentistry

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Look back over the past years!

Our two-decade history is worth looking back on as an earlier milestone in the endless progress that lies ahead.What started as an idea at an exhibition 22 years ago has now become the defining dental event of the world. But its success has also required the contribution of many colleagues and supporters. They are also remembered in these few videos – which show our progress – and allow you to rewind the clock to 2014.