Optimal Tooth Preparation with Different Tooth Reduction Guides: Case Presentation

Optimal tooth reduction is a key requirement for esthetics, function, and longevity of fixed restorations, especially metal-ceramic and all-ceramic restorations.1 Adequate tooth preparation can provide uniform reduction and sufficient clearance to allow the necessary thickness of the final restoration without disturbing the periodontal health, esthetics, and structural integrity.2 The ability to re-treat the restored teeth [...]

Injectable Flowable Composite Veneers as Prototypes for Ceramic Veneers

Communication between patient, clinician, and dental technician is fundamental for success in the art of dentistry.1 Esthetic dentistry is currently in high demand by patients, and veneers have become the ideal treatment for many situations. Ceramic veneer restorations have proved to fulfill high esthetic demands and offer an acceptable longevity.2 Freehand composite veneer restorations are [...]

“Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the Moon” – Conversation with dr. Florin Lazarescu

Florin Lazarescu has been the ESCD president for over 3 year. He tried to bring the organization to a whole new level; he tries to improve the relationship with the European media, to lead partnerships and to bring to ESCD the most wanted speakers (and greatest events and parties as well). How would you describe yourself? [...]

“With microscope everything become more predictable and simple” – Interview with Ariel Savion

What motivation were you affected by to choose this specialty as your field of interest? Magnification enhance visualization and in dental field, and provide better control and precision in dental treatments. Seeing more can help clinicians to generate better outcomes and mastering even in highly complex cases. Microscope has become The standard of care in [...]

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