So I think that the future of endodontics will be focused on speed and safety and easy teachable techniques for young doctors – Interview with Nicola Sergiu

Sergiu, you are working now as an endodontist, however - as i remember well - you planned to choose another: proffession. is it right? Why to be an endodontist? Indeed, I have a background  for engeneering - I finished a famous high – school in my hometown in Pitesti in 1994  that was preparing young [...]

Each case is a different challenge – Interview with Alfredo Iandolo

Dr. Alfredo Iandolo, from the wonderful Napoli, please introduce yourself with a few worlds, tell us the most important stages of carriere. I’m from a beautiful city called Avellino, I studied at Naples university, Federico II and gratuated in 2006 with my thesis was on Endodontic micro-surgery. From the years 2014-2017 I worked as adjunct [...]

Endodontic retreatment of maxillary first molar: the importance of the fourth canal

Aim The targets of the endodontic therapy are damaged tissue and bacteria removal from the canals and dentinal tubules and the prevention of recontamination after the treatment. Introduction Correct endodontic treatment has to follow several parameters: proper diagnosis, isolation of operating field, full chemo-mechanical preparation of the complex endodontic system, three-dimensional obturation of the root canals, post endodontic [...]

“Magnified” passions are expected at DentalWorld

It is only February, but the professional program of DentalWorld 2019 is nearly completed. As always, we are striving to invite a kind of lecturers and course leaders, who are innovators in their field, who uses their knowledge to push the boundaries of the profession continually, and who are eager to share this experience with [...]

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