Why and when did You turn your attention to a narrower field of dentistry?

I started in 2004 seeing a Dr performing Dentistry with Microscope. In 2005 i Purchased my Zeiss Pro Ergo. I understood the the magnification was the way to the best quality standard dentistry.

Magnification and powerful illumination provides tremendous help in all kinds of clinical situations. In your viewpoint what are the technical and ergonomical benefits of this for everyday practise?

Technical benefits are about the high level of quality of dentistry therapies, about ergonomically point of you, magnification save your eyes and your back and improve the ergonomic workflow also for assistants.


Since when do You use microscope for your everyday work?

I’ve been using microscope since 2005.


In your opinion what time in the future could microscope assisted restorative treatments get into everyday dental practise?

Just today In my practice microscope supports everyday practice in restorative, prosthodontics , endo, and oral surgery.


How do you look at the future view of microscopic dentistry?

The future of dentistry will be the integration of microscope with digital dentistry.


What do you think to be the greatest improvement in technological innovations? (CAD /CAM, 3D printing, laser procedures, oral scanner, digitalplanning, CBCT, etc.)

The greatest improvement in dentistry will be the association of micro dentistry with digital dentistry ( IOS, Cad/Cam, Digital Planning ,and CBCT)


Would you tell us one of your favourite leisure time activity, field of interest or hobby?

Prosthodontics , and Cad /Cam + IOS dentistry.