When did you decide to turn towards a distinct field of specialty in the enormous knowledge base of dentistry?

I always knew I would like to become a dentist dedicated to work with a microscope. As for that the endodontics was the natural development. I work with microscope since more than 15 years now. I my daily practice I use it to every procedure I do from examination of the patient thru consultation visits as well as endodontics and restorative dentistry which I also do.

Who were you influenced by to link to your current scientific topic?

I am not able to mention one person but definitely an inspiring person was Arnaldo Castellucci as well as Steve Buchanan. They really influenced my approach.

Nowadays we get more and more information about various dental professional shows, events and educational options. Which do You prefer from them?

I personally prefer conferences and educational programs. Especially educational programs gives the essence and help dentists to learn better dentistry in practical way.

Do you think that modern techniques and equipments enable us to design and conduct less invasive treatments?

Definitelly yes.

Would you tell us how could you successfully solve an especially difficult case of yours?

Most important in every case even this most difficult is to understand the problem. Planning is the key to success. Everytime I deal with difficult case first thing I do Is initial planning and then nothing else… just follow procedures.

Magnification and powerful illumination provides tremendous help in all kinds of clinical situations. In your viewpoint what are the technical and ergonomical benefits of this for everyday practise?

The biggest advantage is precision which is the most important aspect when we talk about dentistry.

How would You sum up the benefits of operational microscope in dentistry?

Precision, comfort of use, ergonomics

Do you think there is a so called Number 1 solution in special fields of dentistry, or can we talk about something like this on the basis of the request of patients?

In my opinion there is always not only one solution of the problem and we cannot underestimate different approach then our own.

Would you tell us one of your favourite leisure time activity, field of interest or hobby?

As a dentist and lecturer I don’t have lots of free time nowadays but definitelly I love sports. I am an amateur triathlete.