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Microworld Congress

Date: 12-13 October

Venue: G pavilon, 2. room

Presenters: Dr. Gombos Ádám, Dr. Csillag Mária, Dr. Nazariy Mykhaylyuk, Dr. Gregory Brambilla


Dr. Gombos Ádám

12 October, Thursday

Dr. Gombos Ádám



9:25 - 9:30


Dr. Csillag Mária

No plan no precision


9:30 - 10:00


How can it be durable, which is microscopically perfect? What is the value of a careful dental work, even if it is the most accurate, if the first bite split, snap or loosen it? Either it is a direct or an indirect solution, an implantological or a parodontological restoration, we possibly do not think that the key to durable dental work, designed with nanometric precision, is the comfortable position of the mandible and the harmonious motion of the mimicry and masticatory muscles. This lecture is going to outline the parameters (muscles, functions, protrusion and lateropulsion, individual midline, tooth interactions) which create a stable environment for durable dental work.

Dr. Nazariy Mykhaylyuk

Microinvasive prosthetics. From analog to digital.


10:00 - 13:00


During my presentation, we will discuss the analog workflow at first: the clinical and laboratory steps. BUT. Digital dentistry is already present reality. We will find the answers why we should move digital, what the benefits and minuses are, which scanner we should get, and what milling machine and printer can produce high quality materials.
How different are analog and digital workflows? Proper protocols form high quality dentistry will be discussed with thousands of slides in my presentation.

Dr. Gregory Brambilla

“Less is more”: the minimal invasive principle for the daily dentistry I-II.


15:00 - 18:00


Learning objectives:

– The minimal approach is the fil-rouge of the lecture, giving the delegates a variety of options for the everyday’s treatments.

– Tips on how to use the various materials

– A critical look to the literature will give the attendees useful tools for each treatment proposed

– Protocols for the considered treatments



The “minimal invasive dentistry” is the “hot topic” of the last few years.

What does “minimal” really means? Is it possible to change approach in dentistry in order to have a full respect of the biologic value of the patient, still looking for aesthetics?

This lecture will be focused on various solutions for challenging cases, from conventional to “no – prep” veneers, from surgical to non surgical approach to restore deep cervical carious and non-carious lesions. Front and posterior aesthetics: the options with the biology in mind.

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