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Implantology Congress

Date: 13 October

Venue: G pavilon, 2. room

Presenters: Prof. dr. Carlos E. Nemcovsky, Dr. Joe Bhat, Dr. Joseph Choukroun, Dr. Valerij Lysenko, Dr. Muzafar Bajwa, Dr. Ugo Gambardella


Dr. Németh Zsolt és Dr. Bogdán Sándor

13 October, Friday

Dr. Bogdán Sándor és Dr. Németh Zsolt



9:30 - 9:35


Prof. dr. Carlos E. Nemcovsky

Complications related to dental implantation


9:35 - 11:00


Implant supported rehabilitation has become a very well established treatment alternative; however, not devoid of complications.

Complications in dental implants procedures can be classified according to their timing in: Complications associated with pre-surgical planning, Intra-operative complications and Post operative complications.

Different reasons may associated with failure to comply with the patients’ expectations, such as: treatment length, aesthetic final results, type of restoration that will be finally delivered (removable or fix), total treatment costs and whether the patient is aware of all the possible complications that may appear and signed and informed consent previous to treatment. Successful implant integration does not necessarily warrant success, the patients’ goal for treatment is the functional (and esthetic) tooth (teeth) replacement and not just the implant placement itself.

Among the medical conditions that should be evaluated previous to treatment initiation, diabetes, smoking habits and certain medical treatments, such bisphosphonate intake are critical.

Prosthetic considerations should include: smile line and lip support, inter-arch distance, number and site of implants, angulations and initial patient preparation, including periodontal treatment.

Several intraoperative complications may be encountered hemorrhage, injury to the inferior alveolar nerve, migration of dental implants into the maxillary sinus, damage to adjacent teeth, scar development, fracture of the mandible, aspiration or swallowing of drills, healing caps, and other appliances.

The main post operative complication is peri-implantitis, risk factors and other etiological factors and treatment alternatives will be discussed. Implant retrieval may lead to large hard and soft tissue defects, he presentation will also deal with treatment of these types of defects


Dr. Joe Bhat

Neodent – getting the most out of your implant system’.


11:00 - 12:00


The speaker will look at versatility of one of the largest selling implant systems in the world and its clinical applications. Emphasis will be based on the simplicity of its use and the spectrum of clinical indications. By the end of this lecture you will understand the concept of ‘one implant, one abutment’ and to fully utilise the advantages of platform switching. The speaker will demonstrate the ease of immediate loading in single tooth and full arch restorations using this system.

Dr. Joseph Choukroun

Prf – Fibrin riches in blood platelet (bone out of autologous blood and soft tissue)


12:00 - 13:15


The concept of PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) is based on the centrifugation of whole blood without anticoagulants. (J. Choukroun et al. 2001). At the end of the spin, a fibrin clot containing the majority of the platelets and white blood cells is obtained.

This fibrin clot called Platelet Riche Fibrin or PRF will release gradually and growth factors or cytokines in the site (VEGF, PDGF, TGF Beta, Thrombospondin)

The expected objective of these growth factors is to accelerate the soft tissue and bone healing.

Numerous international publications are available and demonstrate the effectiveness of PRF in many indications: oral surgery (implants, bone grafting, periodontal surgery, extractions, etc…), Orthopedic, cosmetic and dermatological surgery.

Today, the PRF is recognized around the world, from Nice to New York from Los Angeles to Shanghai, from Rangoon to Moscow, from Sao Paulo to Cape Town, Santiago to Zagreb…

Its effectiveness is definitely proven.

Dr. Valerij Lysenko

Treatment of oral cavity tumor’s patient with strategic implants.


15:00 - 16:15


I have been practicing oral and maxillo-facial surgery for 34 years. Theoretical aspects of the effect of polished titaniumon the sinus mucosa and the Schneider membrane will bepresented in the lecture. All material is based on the real clinicalcases and has practical application. The author’s technique ofsurgical treatment of sinusitis with one-stage rehabilitation with the help of Strategic implants will be presented, as well astreatment of patients after removal of tumors of the maxilla. Analysis of treatment of various clinical cases is shown on thebasis of CBCT data. The concept of multimodal planning ofimplant treatment on Strategic implants, surgery with computernavigation is be shown separately.

Dr. Muzafar Bajwa

The protocol of the biocompatible and economical, immediately loading implants.


16:15 - 17:00


During the lecture there was discussed the retarded and immediate implant treatments. Where the lecturer explained how oral surgeons and prosthetics can provide time security, in the other hand, explained how to provide to the patients the least amount of pain, how to limit the patient’s follow up checks or surgical interventions, or how to reduce the bleeding during surgical intervention, for affordable costs. This increases patient happiness and confidence. One of the most important question is “build-up in one time”.

Dr. Ugo Gambardella

Atrophic Maxillae Solutions with minimal invasive techniques


17:00 - 17:45


Atrophic maxilla is a challenging field for dental profession.
We know a lot of treatments to solve the problem, but more of them are involving professionals and patients in a big and numerous surgeries, which, means for a patient: swelling, pain, social and working problems.
The lecture will approach the atrophic maxillae true a new mini invasive techniques using PRGF as split crest, horizontal reconstruction, crestal approach to the sinus and, using a new calcium ionic implant surface, extra short implants, thin Implants and immediate extraction and implant .
The lecturer will present a number of clinical cases explaining the way to reduce the invasively, the numbers of surgeries and, during the treatment, the risk of losing bone.

web: bti-biotechnologyinstitute.com

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